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Looking to buy a beautiful Juliet Balcony for your home? If so you're are in the right place. 

Here at Iron Octopus we hand make each and every one of our balconies here in our workshop. We offer some of the most competitive prices in the UK marketplace.

All are manufactured from high grade steel so you can be assured of a quality product when buying with us. We put pride and passion into the products we make.

If you buy from us you are purchasing a british made, quality product which will stand the test of time.

ALL of our steel balconies come powder coated as standard. This is a far superior finish compared to standard wet paint systems and is far more durable.

We offer a full bespoke service on our entire range, so if you're looking for a specific layout and design look no further just give us a call on our free-phone number or send us an email. 

All online purchases via our site are 100% secure using our Barclaycard EPDQ powered shopping basket allowing you to buy online with confidence!


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Best Price
BEST PRICE EVER - Wharfedale Juliet Balcony

BEST PRICE EVER - Wharfedale Juliet Balcony£70.00  -  £120.00

Timeless design. BEST PRICE!

Addingham Juliet Balcony

Addingham Juliet Balcony£90.00  -  £210.00

Superb value for money. A classic balcony design.

Masham Juilet Balcony

Masham Juilet Balcony£140.00  -  £180.00

The Masham. A true classic.

A very popular design with our customers!

Reeth Juilet Balcony

Reeth Juilet Balcony£155.00  -  £300.00

The Reeth balcony named after a refreshingly unchanged Dales town. Its smart contemporary design is a perfect partner to contemporary homes.

Barden Juliet Balcony

Barden Juliet Balcony£170.00  -  £340.00

A design classic. Based on the traditional balconies of old.

At superb price too!

Hetton Juilet Balcony

Hetton Juilet Balcony£240.00  -  £350.00

The Hetton balcony with simple, smart fluid lines.

Helmsley  Juilet Balcony

Helmsley Juilet Balcony£245.00  -  £275.00

The Helmsley. Simple contemporary touches make this one a real winner.

Ingleton Juilet Balcony

Ingleton Juilet Balcony£270.00  -  £390.00

The Ingleton balcony with simple, sharp design.

Ribblehead Juilet Balcony

Ribblehead Juilet Balcony£275.00  -  £370.00

The Ribblehead. Dare to be different.Specially formed knotted infill bars create a unique look.

Runswick Glass Juliet Balcony

Runswick Glass Juliet Balcony£280.00  -  £390.00

The Runswick balcony. A stunning combination of steel and glass. “Make the most of your view!”

Sedbergh Juilet Balcony

Sedbergh Juilet Balcony£280.00  -  £390.00

The Sedbergh. For the traditionalists who are looking for a little bit more.Ideally suited to traditional stone built properties.

Lonsdale Juilet Balcony

Lonsdale Juilet Balcony£325.00  -  £455.00

The Lonsdale offers a beautiful blend of geometric bars with traditional design features.

Benningborough Juilet Balcony

Benningborough Juilet Balcony£380.00  -  £470.00

A truly stunning Juliet balcony with geometric design elements.

Brimham Juilet Balcony

Brimham Juilet Balcony£395.00  -  £525.00

One of our flagship designs for those who are looking for something different.

Malham Glass Juliet Balcony

Malham Glass Juliet Balcony£450.00  -  £610.00

The Malham balcony. A stunning combination of steel and glass. “Make the most of your view!””


Page 1 of 1:    15 Items