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Wharfedale Juliet Balcony - Trade Priced

Wharfedale Juliet Balcony - Trade Priced£52.00  -  £195.00


One of our most popular designs. At a superb trade price. - Large range of sizes available.

Trade discounts available on multiple quantities.

Kilnsey Juliet Balcony

Kilnsey Juliet Balcony£148.00  -  £305.00

The Kilnsey balcony has clean lines and suits a wide range of property styles.

Reeth Juilet Balcony

Reeth Juilet Balcony£155.00  -  £310.00

The Reeth balcony named after a refreshingly unchanged Dales town. Its smart contemporary design is a perfect partner to contemporary homes.

Silsden Juliet Balcony

Silsden Juliet Balcony£150.00  -  £270.00

Our latest contemporary design. Large range of size. All at superb prices.

Glass Conformity

Glass Panels – CE Conformity

All of the glass panels that are supplied for our Juliet Balconies are tested to meet the CE conformity.

These apply to the following glass styles and are conform with the provisions of the following EC Directives.

BS EN 572: Glass in Building – Basic soda-lime silicate glass products
BS 952: Glass for glazing
BS EN 1 2150: Glass in building. Thermally toughened soda-lime silicate safety glass
BS EN 141179: 2005: Glass in building – Heat soaked thermally toughened soda-lime silicate safety glass
BS EN ISO 12543: Glass in building – Laminated glass and laminated safety glass
BS EN 14449: Glass in building. Laminated glass and laminated safety glass. Evaluation of conformity/product standard
BS EN 12600: Glass in building. Pendulum test. Impact test methods and classification for flat glass
BS EN 12758: Glass in building. Glazing and airborne sound insulation.
BS EN 356: 200: Glass in building. Security gazing. Testing and classification of resistance against manual attack
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If you have any questions relating to the CE Compliance of our glass products please contact us.