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All manufactured from high grade steel, you can be assured of a quality product when buying with Iron Octopus.

We supply a wide range of steel products that can be bought directly from our website. We manufacture in house here in the UK and offer super fast delivery times.

If you have a something in mind that you don't see here, please call us and we will be happy talk it over!

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Helmsley  Juilet Balcony

Helmsley Juilet Balcony£245.00  -  £275.00

The Helmsley. Simple contemporary touches make this one a real winner.

Venini Floating Glass Juliet Balcony

Venini Floating Glass Juliet Balcony£250.00  -  £535.00


The Venini floating glass balcony. Beautiful simplicity in glass. “The balcony looks like it’s floating on my property”

Ribblehead Juilet Balcony

Ribblehead Juilet Balcony£275.00  -  £400.00

The Ribblehead. Dare to be different. Specially formed knotted infill bars create a unique look.

Pendle Glass Balcony

Pendle Glass Balcony£525.00  -  £670.00

Stainless Steel Juliet Balcony System.

Simple slide and click fixing, suitable for mounting onto timber, masonry and blockwork, or directly to window frames. - Available with or without glass

Runswick Glass Juliet Balcony

Runswick Glass Juliet Balcony£280.00  -  £380.00

The Runswick balcony. A stunning combination of steel and clear glass. “Make the most of your view!”

Sedbergh Juilet Balcony

Sedbergh Juilet Balcony£280.00  -  £390.00

The Sedbergh. For the traditionalists who are looking for a little bit more.Ideally suited to traditional stone built properties.

New for 2021
Storith Juliet Balcony

Storith Juliet Balcony£300.00  -  £630.00

A brand new design to the range for 2021 based on our flagship Brimham design at a superb price point!".

Striking in design. Stand out form the crowd.

Lonsdale Juilet Balcony

Lonsdale Juilet Balcony£325.00  -  £455.00

The Lonsdale offers a beautiful blend of geometric bars with traditional design features.

Benningborough Juilet Balcony

Benningborough Juilet Balcony£380.00  -  £470.00

A truly stunning Juliet balcony with geometric design elements.

Brimham Juilet Balcony

Brimham Juilet Balcony£395.00  -  £525.00

Our flagship design for those who are looking for something different. A striking balcony design with a touch of class.

Malham Glass Juliet Balcony

Malham Glass Juliet Balcony£450.00  -  £610.00

The Malham balcony. A stunning combination of steel and clear glass. “Make the most of your view!””

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Page 2 of 2:    41 Items