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Ribblehead Juilet Balcony

Ribblehead Juilet Balcony
Ribblehead Juilet BalconyRibblehead Juilet BalconyRibblehead Juilet Balcony
Ribblehead Juilet BalconyRibblehead Juilet BalconyRibblehead Juilet Balcony
Our Price:  £275.00(Inc. 20% VAT)

Brand:  Iron Octopus

The Ribblehead. Dare to be different.Specially formed knotted infill bars create a unique look.

The overall height of this balcony is 1100mm (1.1 Meters) this height meet current UK building regulations. The distance between the bars are no greater than 100mm (10 Centimeters) which also meets current UK regulations.

When choosing your balcony frame size we recommend adding 300mm (30 Centimeters) to the measurement of your opening.


Bespoke sizes are available. Contact Us for more details

Product Description

The Ribblehead Juliet balcony features specially formed knotted infill bars which create a unique look.This balcony offers spectacular design at an affordable price.The bars are formed from 12mm solid round steel bar which are specially twisted to form a knotted effect. These are framed with 40mm x 8mm flat bars. The top rail is made from 40mm x 12mm soft touch convex steel bar.The look is finished off with three steel hoops separating the top and mid bars.The mounting holes in the feet are drilled at 10mm. These are designed to suit M8 fixings.The Overall height of the balcony is 1100mm (1.1 Mtr) which meets the current UK building regulations. The gaps between the infill bars are less than 100mm (10 cm) which meets current UK U.K. building regulations

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